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Impressed By Sewa’s Service A Young Beneficiary Offers to Volunteer

11 Jun 2021 10:54 AM | Marketing Sewa (Administrator)

On a scorching sunny day in the month of May, a bright young woman observed a group of people distributing medicines and other essentials in her neighbourhood. She went close and found out that the group was from Sewa International and had tons of questions to ask them. What were they doing, how they worked, where they lived, and who funded Sewa, she was curious to know. The place was a low income neighbourhood in Nagpur, the third largest city and the winter capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Sewa volunteers were distributing health and hygiene kits to the residents and spreading awareness about the right usage of mask and measures to increase immunity. The Sewa volunteers briefed people on the preventive health measures to combat COVID-19. A few of the residents discussed their fears about the pandemic with the volunteers. The residents were quite responsive and immediately started following advice. Many of these families thanked the Sewa team for the medical aid they received in times of financial uncertainty.

Kirti Suresh Ankushe, the girl who stood there watching Sewa volunteers was impressed by their work and expressed interest in volunteering with Sewa. She had finished her high school and hoped to enrol for her bachelor’s degree in the near future. While struggling with her own financial uncertainties,  Kirti, at a very young age, was thinking of serving others. Sewa volunteers were pleasantly surprised by her willingness to volunteer and thought she was an inspiration for today's youth, and India with such selfless minds could easily win against any pandemic.

- Anuja Deshpande, Nagpur

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