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Sewa International Joins Hands with Another Joy Foundation to Airlift Much Needed Medical Equipment to India

21 Jun 2021 10:30 PM | Marketing Sewa (Administrator)

San Bernardino, CA (June 21, 2021): A planeload of medical equipment, bound for India, took off from the San Bernardino Airport on Tuesday, marking yet another milestone in Sewa International’s efforts to reach much-need medical equipment. Sandeep Khadkekar, Vice President, Marketing & Fund Development, Sewa International, who had traveled to San Bernardino to oversee arrangements for the transportation of this equipment said, "I consider it to be a great privilege to be present here as a Sewa International representative at the San Bernardino Airport on this occasion to send oxygen concentrators to India by air. We are partnering with Another Joy Foundation in this humanitarian work and my heartfelt thanks go to its founder Alden Crowley, for his willingness to help in transporting this lifesaving supplies to India that is battling the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its inception, Another Joy Foundation has been involved in supplying medical equipment, medicines, toys, clothes, and other essential supplies to many countries around the world. I congratulate Mr. Cowley and his organization for bringing airlines and non-profit organizations together to fill in a critical need to help humanity”.

Sandeep Khadkekar reiterated Sewa International’s mission and said that non-profit organizations are pivotal in bringing aid and serving people in the world in times of distress. “Sewa International, is rooted in the Hindu ideals of perceiving the world as one family, looking at service to humanity as service to divinity, and serving everyone without expecting anything in return. Because of these principles, Sewa provides a refreshingly distinct idea of service to the world. This unique approach to service, I believe, will help humanity move towards peace and prosperity by reducing conflict. I feel honored to be a part of Sewa and represent it here in its mission to Help India Defeat COVID-19,” he said.  

Pic: Members of Sewa International at the San Bernardino Airport with Another Joy Foundation officials
He pointed out that as the second wave of COVID-19 swept across India over the past two months, Sewa volunteers have been hard at work -- raising more than $22 million, procuring needed medical equipment like oxygen concentrators, and shipping them to India -- and coordinating the distribution of that equipment and offering services in India. “Sewa is working on establishing one hundred oxygen plants in hospitals across India, which will strengthen India's healthcare services in the long term. Sewa aims to develop volunteerism in the community, and I am proud of our team of volunteers for what they do in serving their local communities as well as people in need in various countries," Khadkekar said.

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