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Nritya SEWA

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Dance Debut for a cause

Along with their debut, Purvika and Sanskruti Astekar have initiated a project called Nritya Sewa to be tied into their dancing experience. The objective is to increase awareness and lend helping hand in raising enough funds to cover the expenses of up to 5 schools for the next 5 years. These schools are established in underdeveloped communities so children can open doors to new opportunities that can shape their future. The “Vidyavikaas Kendra” [Education centers] are run by “Seva Bharati Trust – Kalaburagi, State of Karnataka, India.

Purvika and Sanskruti wish to donate all the gifts to a school in our hometown in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, Bharat [India]. Kindly write checks in the name of ‘SEWA International’ in lieu of gifts/flowers. []

Currently at Kalaburagi, we have 14 schools functioning 6 days a week. Last year July 2015, we visited 5 schools and interacted with children and teachers. We raised more than Rs-2,00000/- by our performance at Kalaburagi on August 2, 2015. 

Each school has around 15 to 30 children and 1 teacher from the same community. Teachers are young students either they are highschool completed are studying at college/universities. Teachers dedicate their evening 2 hours each day and help community children with their home-work, games and impart cultural values. They get compenced hardly Rs. 1000/- [$25] per month. Over all cost of running each school is not more than $50/month.

This Nritya SEWA, we would like to have enough funds fixed deposited in Seva-Bharati's bank such that, through the interest, atleast 2 schools are funded for life. 

The Impact

Our small contribution would go a long way to these children:

  • Every child who spends 2 hours focusing on elementary non-conventional schooling and learing about culture and values make them better citizens and keep them away from anti-social activities as they grow up. 
  • Seva-Bharati trust has seen that most of these students do get into middle and highschool other wise they would drop-out especially girl child.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Please do not bring any flowers or boxed gift. Rather, help us achieve our goal in funding these 2 schools.
  • If you could not make it to our event on October 01, 2016 - still you can help by your small contribution. Anything counts.

Purvika & Sanskruti Astekar

Campaign by

Vinayak Astekar