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Sewa Family Services - Death and Distress Fund

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  • San Antonio, TX
  • Emergency Relief

Providing emergency support services to families in distress and need

Sewa Family Case Management Services program is aimed at assisting community members seeking immediate help and guidance in situations such as sickness and hospitalization, family emergencies, and death & bereavement process. Our goal is to help individuals and families get through difficult times or crisis by providing immediate access to information, resources or any adequate support to the families in emergency situations, so that they get caring and compassionate help in difficult times and get through the crisis with less stress.

In last couple of years alone, Sewa has helped over 150 distressed families. Some of those cases are..

  • Sewa Dallas chapter had provided assistance to a destitute family for the funeral of their 17 year old child who died of an illness.
  • Sewa Philadelphia chapter provided financial assistance for a refugee family who could not afford the funeral expenses of their father, who was the sole bread winner, and passed away unexpectedly.
  • Sewa Bay Area had provided financial support for a person who was battling with cancer.
  • Sewa Phoenix chapter had provided support and financial assistance to a family which was facing unexpected difficulties when the only earning person in the family lost his leg in an accident and could not work. 
  • Sewa San Antonio chapter provided financial assistance to a refugee family who could not afford the funeral expenses of their mother, who was the sole breadwinner and passed away unexpectedly.
  • Sewa San Antonio also provided support for two other families who were battling with TB and amputation issues. 

Sewa Family Services has established “Death and Distress” Fund.  It is being used to provide assistance to individuals and families in adverse situations as a result of unfortunate death or hospitalization for severe sicknesses or similar situations.Support this campaign by spreading this campaign and making a small donation.

Campaign by

Minal Joshi

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