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Houston, TX


11Sep, 18

Interactive Session With Two Highly Successful Practitioners 1) Innovative model and Integrated approach for holistic health care 2) Engaging youth through Public Policy for good governance

13May, 18

We will be helping at this animal sanctuary where cows that would otherwise be taken to a slaugher house are rescued and cared for. The work includes caring for animals, fencing, organizing, gardening or general maintenance. Dont miss this opportunity to volunteer at such a lovely place on Mother's Day!!

24Feb, 18

A musical concert to benefit the immigrant and refugee students of ASPIRE tutorials

28Jan, 18

Sewa USA and Jain Society of Houston cordially invite you to a workshop where you will get information on important documents that help to organize personal, financial and legal information in a way that would be helpful in case of family emergency or crisis.

18Nov, 17

This conference aims to bring volunteers together and develop a strong team to support local community. Hands-on workshop will offer training to handle these cases more systematically.

05Nov, 17

Sewa Annual Fundraiser - Fun Night full of inspiring stories, entertainment followed by dinner