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Event Detail

Sewa Houston- Sewa Dancing Stars

Sewa Dancing Stars

Sewa Dancing Stars


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Sewa Dancing Stars is a dance competition based fundraiser for Sewa International Houston Chapter's local project - ASPIRE. 

ASPIRE is a free after school program for refugee and immigrant kids in Houston coming from underserved communities. At present, ASPIRE has two running units with more than 100 kids enrolled in the program. There is a potential to expnad our services in other communities as well. In order to serve more children and bring a positive change in our local communities, financial support from the community itself is truly essential. To achieve this goal, Sewa team is conducting a dance competition based fundraiser "Sewa Dancing Stars". All solo, duet and group performers are invited to be a part of this competition and support our local communities.



Dance Competition Details


Date: Sunday, April 2nd , 2017

Tickets: VIP/First 5 Rows - $25 ,  General - $15

Time: 1:00 to 7:00 PM  (Time will depend on age category)     

Time: 5.30 Pm to 7 PM  (Finale and Award Ceremony)

 Location: Houston Durgabari, 13944 Schiller Rd. Houston TX 77082 


The competition has 4 age group categories - (5 to 8 yrs.), (9 to 12 yrs),(13 to 17 yrs), (18+/Adults).


The dance competition has three genres of dance - Classical, Bollywood and Folk.   

Classical (includes)

Bollywood/Fusion (Includes)

Folk (Includes)

•      Bharatanatyam

•      Classical fusion

•      Garba / Dandiya

•      Kuchipudi

•      Folk Fusion

•      Bhangra/Gidda

•      Kathak

•      Western Fusion

•      Lavani

•      Odissi


•      Ghoomar



•      Others


For Participation/Registration:


Click Here For Registration  


More info about ASPIRE - houston/houston-overview. Please spread the word and help us in this noble cause.