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Local Internship (USA)


Sewa Internships provides an opportunity for volunteer development. We offer the following programs:

  • Get Inspired
    • 8-10 week Summer Internships in the US for High School & College youth
  • Lead
    • 50-hour or 100- hour Summer Internship Program for High School students usually on weekends 
  • Serve Your City
    • Monthly service opportunity during School Academic Year for young teenagers and adults.

Get Inspired

Get Inspired is an annual summer internship program offered by Sewa International to the college and high school students. It aims to provide a platform for young adults to explore and innovate new ideas and be instrumental in providing resources for the ongoing projects of Sewa International for the community. Thereby the interns undergoing personal development and leadership training through a well-structured program. Sewa's Get Inspired initiative has encouraged young adults to get involved and assist Bhutanese immigrants who came as legal asylees settled to Atlanta,Cleveland, Chicago, Houston, and Seattle. Sewa empowers the Bhutanese in their effort to integrate into the local community in adapting to the U.S. culture. The volunteer effort is focused on the unique needs of the refugees and is also establishing programs to assist them including English language training, resume preparation for job placement, and focused programs specific to addressing the needs of the children and youth population. List of cities that has offered Get Inspired Internship thus far: Atlanta, Bay Area, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, Seattle and Washington DC. For this year's internship visit: and select Chapter from the drop down below Contact if you would like to bring this internship in your community or would like to participate in this Internship program.

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Lead is Sewa International’s Summer Internship Program for High School students. Lead introduces socially conscious leadership to young adults. The interns commit to a minimum of 50 hours of service including direct service in volunteer events. Interns get the opportunity to listen to lectures by community leaders from a variety of fields such as Business, Nonprofits ,Media, Art Social works, etc.. Speakers are scientists, successful entreprenuers, and local area public servants such as Mayors and Congressmen.

Serve your City

Serve is Sewa International's monthly volunteer event, where young teenagers and families volunteer with other local nonprofits such as homeless shelters, Food Bank, and Museums. We are qualified for nominating candidates for the US President's Service Award for exceptional volunteers.



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