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Educating the Tribal Children

Appeal for VKP- Telangana


Education is the primary tool to uplift the underprivileged section and integrate with the mainstream. Education will also determine their prosperity, success and security in life. For the tribal community education is more important because that will help them to know their rights and preserve their heritage in their way.


Government reports indicate that there is no scarcity of schools, other facilities or scholarships for the implementation of tribal education schemes. But, the literacy rates are not satisfying and reveal the need for more intervention from the non-profit and other likeminded teams.

Some of the issues that impact the tribal education are as follows:

  • Students: When they mingle with the rural/urban folks, the non-tribal schoolmates and even the teachers, who are normally outsiders, do not understand the tribal students.
  • Teachers: Tribal students appear untidy, reinforcing their biases against tribals. These biases are expressed in various forms of discrimination.
  • Tribal youth: Tribal youths feel that teachers endeavor to undermine the attitudes toward their own customs, mannerisms, language, or, toward their cultural heritage in general.
  • Society: General complain is that teachers did not teach them in the schools because they believed that if they did, the tribal students would no longer be dependent on them.


Some of the steps needed to take to improve tribal education:

  • Need of educational bodies or non-profit that blend well with the tribal background and lifestyle
  • Medium of instruction should be one that is familiar to them, and then gradually, they can be encouraged to take up regional languages
  • Education should not be restricted to only learning but should evoke the responsibilities of the concerned individual towards his entire community
  • Students should be taught to safeguard their own rights as well as the rights of their community and resolve to combat exploitation against their people
Vanavasi Kalyan Parishad (VKP)

VKP was set-up in every Indian state to uplift the tribal community by developing social leaders from the community. Major activities of VKP:

  • Education: Conduct extra tuition classes and non-formal school
  • Health: Run periodic health camps
  • Livelihood: Conduct vocational training camps that help tribal youth to earn in their locality and promotes Self Help Groups
  • Culture: Organizes performances of folklores, dances, and tribal festivals
  • Sports: Promotes tribal sports, esp archery.

VKP Telangana (VKP-TS)

VKP-TS established Vidyarthi Nilayam (student hostels) at the following 6 places in Telangana state.

  • MallikarjunaVidyarthi Nilayam, Achampet, Mahaboobnagar Dist – 35 students
  • Ramji Gond Vidyarthi Nilayam, Bellampally, Adilabad Dist – 32 students
  • Sri Sammakka Balura Vidyarthi Nilayam, Tadwai, Warangal Dist – 25 students
  • Sevalal Maharaj Vidyarthi Nilayam, Kothagudem, Khammam Dist – 31 students
  • Kumaram Bheem Vidyarthi Nilayam, Cherla, Khammam Dist – 25 students
  • Sriram Vidhyarthi Nilayam, Hyderabad, Hyderabad Dist – 42 students
  • Total No. of Students – 190

Activities Planned

Activities planned and performed in the hostel are as follows (in the order of priority):

  • Study Assistance: During the Study hours, resource persons in various subjects volunteer to assist the students
  • Health check-up: Periodic health check-up.
  • Library: A library, with 500 books on various subjects.
  • Personality development: Periodical personality development program, by experts in the field is scheduled.
  • Study Tour: Students go out for study tour, in the Hyderabad city visiting various places once every month.
  • VignanaYatra (Academic tour): Every year, VignanaYatra is organized where in all the students go for a socio- cultural trip within India.
  • Soft Skills: To develop the soft skills, 2 computer systems are provided in the hostel with network facility. Degree and Engineering students are trained in MS Office and other soft skills

Financial Need

VKP-TS execute the planned activities based on the fund availability. To run all the activities every year, we need $50 per month and $500 / academic year to support one year Or $1000 for infrastructure one time donation.



Volunteer with Sewa International in Educating the Tribal Children

Goal: $10,000.00
Collected: $200.00
One student every year: $ 500 (Five Hundred USD) One time donation: $ 1000 (One Thousand USD)

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