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    • 18 Jan 2022
    • (EST)
    • 30 Sep 2022
    • (EDT)

    LEAD Bay Area 2022 

    Youth Engagement Program for High School Students

    Program Info:

    Program Objectives:

    • Expose the youth to socially conscious leadership in the community
    • Experience the joy of giving by getting involved in the community service projects
    • Develop a strong sense of inspiration and motivation as they venture into the world

    Program Details:

    • Program duration: Until September 30th, 2022
    [Note: We are changing the timelines this year onwards. Registration for 2022 - 2023 Oct 1, 2022 to Sep 30, 2023 will open in September 2022]
    • Minimum 50 hours of community service
    • High-School Student
    • Remain Active in the program year-round
    • Weekend community service during School year
    • Immersion hours during Summer  (weekdays and Weekend)
    • Community Service hours outside of Sewa are not transferable
    • Parent participation as Volunteer
    • Sewa volunteering hours are not to replace credit at school classes (Gym, Orchestra, Other Curriculum activity). Certification for Honors Society is perfectly acceptable.
    • Selection criteria: Limited seats, on first come first served basis. Open to all racial, ethnic, religious, and gender backgrounds.
    Contact for any questions.
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    Sewa International LEAD 2022 - Greater LA Chapter Registration

    Youth Engagement Program for High School Students

    General Eligibility: High School Students. Students should be sincere in their commitment to the values of Sewa with integrity and discipline.

    Selection Criteria: Limited seats, first come first serve basis. Open to all nationalities, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

    Type of Program

    Summer Internship: An opportunity to students to serve local community during the summer timeframe starting June 18, 2022 for about 6 weeks. 

    Registration Fee: $25.00 

    As a part of the LEAD program series, young adults are given opportunities to participate or lead in different activities.