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Mental Health Awareness Session

  • 24 Sep 2022
  • 11:00 AM (EDT)
  • Virtual (Zoom)


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Sewa Columbus and Sewa Detroit brings an important webinar

Power of Emotions

For children Grades 4th to 7th

They say that emotional intelligence has a strong genetic determination, but it can be cultivated from an early age and developed throughout life.


Why is developing children’s emotional intelligence so important?

It is emotional intelligence (EI), rather than IQ that accounts for the majority of our children’s future success. Research has shown, time and again that children with high emotional intelligence:

  • Perform better in school
  • Have more satisfying and successful future relationships
  • Experience less stress and anxiety
  • Make healthier life choices as adults
  • Are more competent employees and leaders

People with high emotional intelligence also tend to report higher levels of happiness and general life satisfaction. Sounds like a pretty compelling argument for developing children’s emotional intelligence doesn’t it? But wait, can we develop it, or are we just born with it?

Speaker for this session, Mrs. Nivedita Krishnaswami is  a trained Child and Family counselor from India. She has completed her training in Co-active coaching from CTI, The Coaches Training Institute, USA. Currently, she is employed with the San Ramon Valley Unified School district as a Primary Intervention Specialist. She is a practicing Life Coach. Apart from her regular job, Nivedita also leads the program, Family Services with Sewa International – Bay Area chapter, a nonprofit which works extensively in the community across the globe.

In this session, Nivedita Krishnaswami would be talking about the importance of EI which is critical for emotional well being and life success.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this program are entirely those of the speakers and Sewa International is not responsible or liable for the same. Participants may choose to use the information at their own discretion

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