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Doctors for Sewa

Scope and Purpose

We at Sewa International strongly believe that the right to good health is fundamental.

Doctors for Sewa symbolizes our empathy for the lack of proper medical services and our commitment towards providing quality healthcare for all.

Provide a platform to Medical professionals to serve the underserve and provide humanitarian healthcare experience to Doctors.

The Issue

Currently, majority of the population in developing countries struggle for better and easy access to healthcare and services.Through our desire to create a healthier, more humane society, we aim to create a paradigm shift in the way the Medical fraternity and the society at large measures success.

Our Solution

Doctors for Sewa is a team of Medical Professionals, from USA and Canada, with the commitment to enhance the accessibility of healthcare to underserved populations through the concept of community service. While doctors provide medical help, a large number of non-medical volunteers assist in execution of our various projects and activities. The project caters to the economically weaker sections of the society.

Current Opportunities

EVOLVE - Mentoring Program - Explore Virtue of Obeisance towards life by volunteering and educating. This program is an attempt to assist foreign medical graduates who are aspiring to become part of the US Healthcare by providing knowledge, guidance and workshops ( theoretical , practical as needed as possible ).The foreign medical graduates who already have given USMLE and applied for the US Residency program are eligible to apply for this EVOLVE program at free of cost.

Mentors Register Here -

Covid Vaccination drive -  Sewa International in partnership with FEMA is actively looking for some help from clinical professionals at MS , AZ , NV - if you or anyone you know of will be interested in going please share this information -

If interested please register here - - Currently looking for medical professionals at MS , AZ , NV

Past Opportunities 

  • TeleMedicine - With the surge in Covid-19 cases in India, Sewa International in partnership with AAPI and E Global is working on providing tele-health assistance to the Covid patients and families in India. Latest PR on this initiative
  • Donate Medical Devices  Doctors for Sewa is urgently seeking donations of non-invasive medical devices—including BiPAP machines, CPAP machines, Ventilators, NonContact Infrared Forehead Thermometers, Pulse Oximeters—to help bridge the acute shortage India is facing during this unprecedented 2nd wave of Covid-19. We are accepting new as well as used machines, which will be cleaned, inspected, and verified for use by covid patients in India. All donations to this critical mission are life-saving. We encourage you to donate any such devices that you are currently not using to help save someone's life.

    Please complete the following form to indicate what you would like to donate: Once we receive your completed form, we will arrange to have your package shipped at No additional cost.
    If you have
    any further questions regarding medical device donation, please email us at
  • Collaboration -  Sharing patient management experience with doctors in India who are handling the sick patients : Collaborating with ACCP, doctors and Respiratory teams in India.
To get involved - Please click on Join us button and Register and or send us email at

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