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ASPIRE Tutorials: Cleveland

The program's mission aligns neatly with United Way Education Designation:
1. Providing after school and mentoring programs for at risk youth.
2. Partnering with schools and parents to improve graduation rates.

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1. Achieve 100% graduation rate of recently arrived at risk immigrant refugee children.
2. Improve fluency of English as second language in refugee children and their parents.
3. Provide after school in person and on line tutoring and mentoring.

Initiative/Background Summary
Since 2008, Sewa International has been working with low-income, refugee immigrant population in the Cleveland area on resettlement, acclimatization, employment, education, skill development, and economic empowerment through various revenue generation programs and projects. Sewa International has identified middle and high school population in the low-income localities that need guidance, mentoring and tutoring assistance to succeed in education.

Statement of Need
The recently arrived refugee high school children lack fluency in English, which is affecting their ability to assimilate in America. This is also making it difficult for them to do well in school. This problem also affects refugee children from Rwanda, Burma and the Middle East settled in Cleveland (140th/Warren) area. The children living in these apartment complexes are energetic and eager to learn. Unfortunately the majority of them develop serious gaps in their education due to language barriers and lack of formal schooling. Many of their families are living at or below poverty line and their parents work long and irregular hours. If these gaps are not addressed as early as possible these children are at a risk for increasing educational difficulties, barriers to higher education and ultimately lower quality of life. Our goal is to address their educational needs to increase high school graduation rates, with one to one tutoring and ultimately equip them with the skills they need to be productive citizens

Sewa International

Sewa International’s mission is to serve humanity in distress, aid local communities and promote volunteerism. Specifically Sewa International seeks to provide educational support to recently arrived refugee children who are at risk, bridge their educational gaps and help them to assimilate to American way of life. Overall objective is to improve the quality of life in refugee communities and their neighborhoods through improvement in education and welfare.

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Deliverables and Timeline:

1. Understand the need: Speak with the teachers and parents of the students to better understand the academic needs.

2. Evaluate students: Speak with the students one-on-one and assess their current situation and needs. Use this as a baseline to report on their academic progress.

3. Collaborate with the schools: Develop relationship and discuss a partnership to improve the effectiveness of the after school tutoring program by working directly with the teachers and staff.

4. Further develop program layout: Assess current structure of the program and decide on improvements to be made, including an evaluation method, curriculum, and award system.

5. Purchase educational resources: Identify curriculum needs and purchase school supplies. Incorporate cultural excursions for the students who spend most of their time indoors with their parents due to various cultural barriers.

6. Develop volunteer base: Continue to seek volunteer tutors and develop volunteer training process to include favorable child development and educational techniques.

Program Effectiveness and Monitoring
1. A balanced score card that includes the #of children in the program, Academic performance on the subjects by student, Teacher feedback, Overall grades and citizenship.

2. Yearly report on the progress of the project will be sent to the interested organizations and supporters of the program such as United Way and Eaton Corporation.

Additional Funding/Community Partners:

1. Eaton Corporation Charitable Fund ($5,000)

2. Key Bank

3. Federation of India Community Associations (FICA)

4. Cleveland Schools

5. Nepalese American Association

6. Case Western Reserve University

7. Cuyahoga Community College

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