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Sponsor a Child Program - FAQ

Q.  What’s the process to pay for the school fees in India? 

Answer:  The children apply directly with their parent's consent and make their request for fees assistance. The Fees requirements are capped at Rs. 20,000 which SAC will provide to the child's school. The child has to provide the fees requirement and the fees is deposited directly to the school bank account. In exceptional cases, if the child has paid the amount then it is reimbursed after complete surveillance done by our India team. 

Q. Is it possible to meet the kid I sponsored when I visit India? 

Answer: Unfortunately, this will not be possible due to Privacy concerns of the Child. The Program has to follow the rules of Juvenile Act of India which does not allow any direct interaction with the donor and child.

Q. How do I see my child’s photo and know about the academic progress of the child?

Answer: Child’s photo and scorecard are sent through the donor login portal. You can login and view them in the message. Visit the link to watch the tutorial:                                

Q. How can I communicate with the child I have sponsored? (OR) I want to send the child a letter, how can I?  Can I get a letter from the kid?

Answer: You can send a handwritten message, scan it, and send to We will get a reply from the child. Do not provide contact details in the handwritten message.

Q. How do I find login information to see details of a child I sponsored?

Answer:  Please enter the same email that you used to donate for the SAC. Click on forgot password and instructions would be send to your registered email address. 

Q.  How do I cancel my recurring sponsorship donations?

Answer:  Please login to your account >> Go to My Profile>> My Sponsorships>>Cancel Sponsorship. 

Q. Are there other ways to sponsor a child rather than a reoccurring sponsorship donation?

Answer: Yes, you can also donate a one-time sponsorship donation.

How do I select a specific child and donate to sponsor his/her education?

Answer: Visit and select a specific student from the list of students available.

I need support. Whom can I talk to about my questions?

Answer: Please feel free to reach out to SaC Coordinator Ranjani ji Kapur  302-659-7392

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