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The People of Joshimath Need Your Support

Joshimath is sinking. Needs help.

Joshimath is sinking. The houses have developed cracks and have become uninhabitable. The people are in the process of relocating to shelter homes. Your help is needed to establish a community kitchen.

Anju Devi, 48 years old, is a resident of Joshimath. One fine day, when she was amidst household chores, something jolted her out of her regular life. The home she had nurtured all her life had developed deep cracks. She had no clue what was happening. Later, her house was marked by the administration as it came under the danger zone. And she was asked by the administration to vacate the house with immediate effect. Her entire life came to halt.

Joshimath is gradually sinking. The first instance was reported in 2021 as landslides and floods hit Chamoli. The expert panel in 2022 found out that the sinking owes to man-made and natural factors. In December 2021, the gradual sinking of Joshimath had started. It has taken a monstrous turn and now the cracks have developed as deep as 7 feet making the homes uninhabitable.

People like Anju Devi along with members of 100+ houses have been asked to take their belongings and move to shelter homes. The situation has caused a huge disruption in the lives of the people of Joshimath. Their children have stopped going to school because of safety concerns. Moreover, the people have left their livestock to fate. This affects the people emotionally, financially and psychologically.

We have to take steps to bring the situation to normalcy. At first, we found out that there is a need for a community kitchen in the area. It is of utmost importance as people are walking miles for three meals a day. We request you to help the people of Joshimath. Your support will help them to go through these tough times.

Goal: $100,000.00
Collected: $3,729.00

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