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Impact Stories

“Sixteen year old Aisha, studying in Urdu medium at Basava Theertha Vidya Peeta (BTVP) aspires to become a doctor. While interacting with the girls at BTVP, the lack of toilet facilities in the school was a major concern. On most days, girls skipped drinking water to avoid using open fields as toilets. After the installation of toilets in her school, Aisha welcomed Team Sewa with a huge smile on her face thanking us immensely for fulfilling the promise we made to them. Going through all the challenges in installing the toilets was worth that smile.”


“Thank you Sewa International for providing toilets to our school. Now, we don't have to wait until we get home. We can concentrate on classes without worrying about taking a break to walk a long distance to attend nature calls in open fields, avoiding prying eyes. We are locking the toilets after every use, and we clean them by assigning cleaning duties among ourselves.”

Grade 9 student from Lucknow government school

"This village has not seen a toilet since our ancestors have moved and settled here. Since we don't have any open field that we can use for nature calls, before sunrise, we use our house terrace to attend nature calls and then dispose them outside our village. We come from a poor economic background, and toilets are a luxury for us. Thank you Sewa International for travelling miles to help us, thank you for building community toilets. We don't have much words to express our gratitude. We are happy that our little girls do not have to go through what we have suffered for such a long time."

Baluva village- Uttar Pradesh

“Unlike her friends, Saritha who is physically challenged, could not walk long distances to attend her nature calls. She is immensely thankful to Sewa's team for building her a toilet. She is also successful in influencing her family to use the toilet. Her orthodox mother-in-law, who strongly felt that a toilet in the vicinity of a house is unacceptable, now uses the toilet instead of defecating in the open field. We need strong women like Saritha, who will propagate our mission and help us build swatch and surakshit bharath (clean and safe India).”


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