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ASPIRE Campaign 2022

Students ASPIRE for Academic Excellence —
Donate to Sewa International to Help them Succeed!

Language deficits and difficulties in achieving excellence are common among students from underprivileged communities. For example, many middle school and high school students from refugee and immigrant families grapple with language deficiencies as they lack access to competent teachers. The students from these communities score at only 50 percent the level of that of their peers in classrooms and on standardized tests. In addition, children aged five and eleven have a 71% enrolment in bilingual education and a 77% school drop-out risk.

The ASPIRE (Achieving Student Progress, Instilling Resilience, and Excellence) Program is a Sewa International after-school student enrichment program that precisely addresses these issues. Sewa volunteers have run ASPIRE (Achieving Students Progress, Instilling Resilience, and Excellence) in multiple US metro areas since 2013. Sewa partnered with AmeriCorps in Houston and founded new ASPIRE Learning Centers in Atlanta, GA, Cleveland, OH, and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sewa Houston Chapter works with seven schools, runs three ASPIRE centers, and helps 100 elementary and 200 middle and high school students.

The ASPIRE program supports about 3,500 students across 20 centers in 7 US cities. Partnering with AmeriCorps, Sewa funds over 300 students. In the San Francisco Bay Area, the ASPIRE project helped 206 students in 2021. Students enrolled in the program have shown significant progress in academic and social factors in these places.

The ASPIRE program has improved student attendance, high school graduation rate, college enrolment, and employment. This effective after-school program can be crucial in aiding students to gain marketable skills, achieve academic distinction, inculcate healthy behavior and food habits, and keep them safe. Donate to Sewa to help students from needy communities in the US achieve academic excellence.

Goal: $300,000.00
Collected: $3,102.00

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