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Shuttle Masters (Badminton) Tournament 2019

20 Feb 2019 12:48 PM | Atlanta Chapter (Administrator)

Sewa Badminton Tournament 2019

Sewa sports group has conducted for the very first time “Shuttle Masters” Badminton Tournament 2019 in association with Atlanta Badminton Club on the day of Basant i.e., Feb 9 and 10 at Suwanee. The beneficiary of the tournament was “Sewa Family Emergency Services”. 

The tournament had 24 different event categories catering to people from all ages, skill level. It attracted ~100 players participating in multiple events spread over 2 days. The audience and the players got to watch more than 225 matches over 16 hours. A highly competitive set of people but all getting together for a noble cause.

This event also attracted more than 25 volunteers who worked tirelessly and selflessly before 2 months of the event and until the culmination.

Café Bahar chose to support Sewa as a sponsor setting up stalls and donating the profits as a charity

Sewa extends their gratitude to all players, volunteers and sponsors.

The tournament was earlier inaugurated by Mr Swadesh in a customary way. Ganesh Vandana was chanted by Ms Deepa. It was followed by opening address by the chief guest of the event - Swadesh ji, who informed the audience about how Sewa international serves the communities in Metro Atlanta area and the world in general and how everyone can get involved. It was thoughtful and motivating, Mr Vijai shared his vision as sports coordinator of Atlanta chapter, followed by Mr Ashesh ( tournament co-ordinator and Mr Anshuman ( Tournament Director) sharing how through the tournament we are trying to involve more people in the community to help participate in this noble cause

Below are the list of winners and runners in each category.

U10 Singles Unisex – Vigneswar Vadivelan / Michele Rajkumar

U10 Doubles Unisex – Michele Rajkumar & Sana Taware / Aaran Mishra & Sarvagya Sharma

U13 Doubles – Mithun Gopinath & Ahwan Mishra / Vishwa Rajan & Diyaa Sarath

XD Open – Sarath Govindaraj & Upasana K / Yue Jingna & Gopinath Kannaiyan

WD Open – Tejasvi Penmetsa & Ranjitha Yendluri / Shilpa D & Latha N

MD Beginners – Raj Kosaraju & Vinay Shivaya / Sanjib Banerjee & Nandy Nachiketa

MD Amateur – Gopinath Kannaiyan & Vinh Nguyen / Sarath Govindaraj  & Praveen Chand

U13 Unisex Singles – Mithun Gopinath / Vishwa Rajan

Beginners Unisex Singles – Upasana K / Sanjib Banerjee

U17 Unisex Singles – Mathew Sujanto / Sharvi Sharma

WS Open – Avadhani Vasudha / Rekha Jumani

MS Amateur – Prasanna K / Navjot Singh

MS 40 - Praveen Chand / Raj Kumar


Adult Volunteers - Ashesh Sharma / Anshuman Mishra / Prakash Srivastava / Deepa Sharma / Rajiv Goel / Srikanth K / Mithun Gopinath / Ahwan Mishra / Upasana Kotakonda / Sharvi Sharma / Mathew Sujanto / Daniel Laij

Youth Volunteers -  Saketh Koona / Rahul Adulapuram / Siddharth Deva / Krish Mishra / Varnika Sharma / Subhangi Sharma / Shreya Tiwari / Srija Chitti

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