Chess Tournament 2019

1 Apr 2019 11:23 AM | Atlanta Chapter admin (Administrator)

Chess Mates Tournament 2019

Sewa sports group conducted Chess Mates tournament on Sunday, March 31st, 2019.

The tournament was conducted as a fundraiser for Sewa’s Family services initiative.

It was conducted for the very first time, got a very good response from Chess enthusiasts of Atlanta area. About 60 participated in various tournament categories viz. Unrated(open), Rated (U500, U1000)

The tournament also attracted about 10 youth and adult volunteers all coming together to support this event for a noble cause.

Sewa would like to thank

- Chesstronics for giving the location at reasonable price.

Sewa extends its gratitude to all the players, volunteers and sponsors for the enthusiastic participation in this event.

The tournament was inaugurated by Mrs. Deepa Luthra in a customary way with Ganesh Vandana. Mr, Nishanth Trivedi (Tournament Lead Coordinator) welcomed all the participants to the tournament and informed about the rules of the game along with Suriya Kopula the tournament director. It was followed by an address by the chief guest of the event Deepa Luthra who provided insight into Sewa International’s Family services in Metro Atlanta. Mr. Vijai shared his vision as sports coordinator of Atlanta chapter. Deepa Sharma and Prakash Srivastava helped remotely with volunteer and player registrations and website marketing.

Below is the list of Winners and Runners-up in each category:

Unrated –

Winner – Ramchandra Nadar

Runners-up 1 – Aashray Arun

Runners-up 2 – Praneeth Bhat

Runners-up 3 – Shuvam Rath

Runners-up 4 – Dhruva Devabhaktuni

Rated U500 –

Winner – Chenxiang Xia

Runners-up 1 – Avyan Yeluguri

Runners-up 2 – Keshav Prasad

Runners-up 3 – Sai Neel Maddu

Runners-up 4 – Adithya Ravichandran

Rated U1000 –

Winner – Alex Madden

Runners-up 1 – Troy Madden

Runners-up 2 – Haley Long

Runners-up 3 – Max Sun

Runners-up 4 – Preetham Thelluri

List of Volunteers

Adult Volunteers – Nishant Trivedi / Prakash Srivastava / Nate Natesan / Garima Saini / Jyoti Mukka /Nagender Yamsani/ Sandeep Parashar / Deepa Sharma

Youth Volunteer – Saketh / Mukul / Siddharth / Rahul /Aishwarya / Haarika

Apart from that there were many impromptu volunteers who helped with conduct of the games on the day.

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