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Sewa Summer Internship 2019 Report – Week 2 through 3

6 Jul 2019 10:26 AM | Atlanta Chapter admin (Administrator)

Sewa Summer Internship 2019 Report – Week 2 through 3

   Sewa International, Atlanta chapter is running summer internship for high schools. We have 11 interns for tutoring classes for Bhutanese community in Decatur and 7 interns for Stone Mountain High School survey where we want to start Sewa leaning center. Please find the attached report. Also, There are a few pictures and videos that we have shared on Sewa Facebook page. 

Brief Report

   The internship has been going very well for all the interns. The group of interns responsible for tutoring kids from the Bhutanese have been getting a steady attendance each day. The students are primarily from elementary school with a proportion of them being from middle school as well. There are two locations for the tutoring project – one at the English Oaks Apartment and the other at the Carriage Oaks Apartment. Overall there has been a steady and healthy attendance of 25 elementary and middle school children who are being mentored by eleven interns.


Figure. Interns involved in the Bhutanese Community Tutoring Project

The interns in the Survey Project which is being carried out in collaboration with Stone Mountain High School is also moving into an advanced phase. The questionnaire design has been completed. The process being highly technical – it took five iterations to get the questionnaire right and getting approved by the principal of Stone Mountain High School. The interns did a lot of research and successfully designed the survey under the guidance of volunteers from Sewa. Plans are being made to effectively start the process of data collection.

The interns have also come up with a plan for a field for the participants at Fernbank Science Center. Appropriate plans are being made for the logistics of the entire process. Successive reports on the internship will provide descriptions in detail as and when the process moves forward.

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