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Disaster Relief Management

Sewa International and our partners are involved in all three stages of disaster recovery around the world: Rescue (72 hours), Relief (3 months), and Rehabilitation (3-5 years).

Sewa International believes in collaboration and working with the community to serve distressed families. During disasters, we offer services such as support for rescue operations through helplines and volunteer assistance, and we organize food and clothing drives. We also supply services, such as immediate clean-up after flooding, case management for housing assistance, and support in applying for government/FEMA aid. Sewa International provides case management services after disasters including help and guidance in situations such as sickness, family emergencies, and death and bereavement.

Sewa International and our volunteers have served during the relief phase of various disasters such as Hurricane Katrina (2005), Super Storm Sandy (2012), Bastrop, TX Wildfire (2011), California Wildfire, and many others.

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