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SHE-CAF Campaign 2022

The Pandemic Took the Family Breadwinner Away - Help the Affected Women Earn a Living!

Sewa International invites you to join hands with Sewa to empower COVID impacted women in India. 47 percent of working women suffered permanent job loss 36 percent of low-income families were adversely impacted by COVID and lock down Many Indian women lost their spouses to the COVID pandemic. With the family's breadwinner gone, these women faced both emotional trauma and an uncertain financial future.

Sewa's Sanitation, Hygiene, and Empowerment Project for the Girl Child & Covid Affected Families (SHE-CAF) teams visited many of these affected families. During the pandemic, Sewa provided these families with masks, medicine, and groceries.

After the pandemic, many families were concerned about their children's future. Sewa conducted surveys to identify COVID-impacted women and started the SHE-CAF program to create livelihood opportunities through skill development training to help these women earn a livelihood. In the first phase of this program, Sewa provided career training to 2200 women from rural, tribal, and urban areas in 15 Indian states. In the next phase, Sewa is training over 3,000 women.

Once these women complete their 3-6 months-long course, Sewa provides them with market linkages and job placement support. Sewa also organizes confidence-building sessions to help these women to be self-employed.

Goal: $300,000.00
Collected: $6,445.00

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