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DIY Campaign: Suparna's Campaign for Girls' Education

Woman empowerment begins with GIRLS' EDUCATION!! Please join me in supporting this worthy cause!

My dear family & friends,

As most of you know, this month I will be celebrating my special milestone birthday! To make it more special, I thought of hosting this fundraiser for a cause I strongly believe in!

"Educate a man and you educate an individual. Educate a woman and you educate a family." - A.Cripp

Sponsor A Child, a program under Youth for Seva, was started in 2009 to help underprivileged families educate their children by acting as a platform to connect donors to beneficiaries. Funds raised through my campaign will be used towards GIRLS education in this project. I believe in a world where girls can learn to their full potential, lead with confidence and without any fear!

I hope that you can all join me and support this amazing effort by making a tax deductible donation to my page. The process is fast, easy, and secure — and best of all, it supports a great cause. LET US MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THESE GIRLS LIVES!!

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

Why Sewa International?

  • Sewa has experience working on this cause.
  • Sewa's expense ratio is only 7% which is very low when compared to most other charities
  • Sewa does not discriminate against beneficiaries based on religion, tribe, language, caste etc

Given these considerations, we decided to rely on Sewa Inernationalto drive this project. We can all donate money and rest assured that Sewa International will track progress and make sure that child get the required support.

Suparna Mahableshwarkar

How Can You Support?

  1. Donate generously: No donation is too small! Most companies match or double the contributions! Please check your company's Matching Gift program.
  2. Sewa is a registered non-profit under IRS 501[c][3] in the US.
  3. Spread the word:
    Let us collectively help these communities in need. 
Goal: $2,551.00
Collected: $2,928.00
Campaign End Date: 30 Nov 2018


Supriya Palayekar

Sudhin Bengeri

Shveta Bhatheja

Gayatri Joshi

Dipika Desai

Suneeta Kak

Preeti Jain

Prachi Mahableshwarkar

Ashima Saksena

Ketki Modi

Julianne Chetrick

Tzenga Yau

Madhura Rao

Jonathan Papp

Mary Morris-Kim

Kshama Jagdale

Jigisha Damle

Stacey Karp

Madhavi Kakarla

Soma Kundu

Madhu Shah

Carolyn Demouth

Vijaya Nalakrishnan

Neeru Chopra

Geetanjali Phatak

Cindy Chait

Manisha Mohite

Pradnya Joglekar

Tehmeena Ahmed

Kalpana Patel

Hongling Rao

Shilpa Shah

Wenli Li

Susmita Rao

Shari Nieschmidt

Ulka Dhavalikar

Madhuri Gurjar

Sujata Kulkarni

Nikhila Gokhale

Serene R

Ram Ramaprasad

Sunil Mahableshwarkar

Rakesh Patha

Sangeeta Kumtakar

Wenqing Zhao

Izabel Feijo

Roy Susan 

Smith Mano

Nancy Durie

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