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Americorps Mental Health Program

Join us to make an Impact ? or Apply to be a member

Sewa International is currently looking for prospective members to join their mental health program that will be launched with funding from AmeriCorps.

Why is Sewa Launching a Mental Health Program?

Sewa is taking action regarding the serious need for mental health education and awareness. The people of Sewa are incredibly invested in improving the public health of the individuals in the Bay Area. Today, mental health is one of the most overlooked and stigmatized public health crises. Due to this lack of awareness, many people go undiagnosed and are forced to suffer in silence rather than seek help. To combat this prominent issue, Sewa believes that people should be given the proper resources to understand and address the mental health issues that many face. By creating a mental health program, Sewa is determined to ensure that people are granted the proper mental health care to develop a happier and healthier life.

The Sewa and Americorp

AmeriCorps, established in 1993, is an independent agency of the United States government that allows for citizens across the nation to engage in volunteer work pertaining to disaster relief, public safety, health and/or education. Recently, Sewa was granted funding from the AmeriCorps to establish a mental health program in the Bay Area. Sewa will be connecting with local communities, emergency shelters and a variety of community leaders to allow people from a wide background access to their mental health program.

Using these funds, Sewa will focus on the prevention of mental illness, raising awareness of mental health issues, and mental health first aid. In order to aid in the prevention of mental illness, Sewa will be running weekly core activities (yoga, hiking, biking, etc.) with community members to improve people’s mental state. To raise awareness regarding mental illness, Sewa will be conducting weekly presentations on various topics regarding mental health wellness. Lastly, Sewa will conduct mental health first aid workshops for local authorities, communities and homeless shelters etc to help create a supportive environment and increase awareness of mental health concerns for those in need.

Next steps

Sewa Mental Health program member interviews are taking place now so be sure to submit your application for consideration today! Our program cohort begins on Oct 1, 2023

For questions, please email us. (

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