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Bhutanese Empowerment: Education


Since 2008, refugees from Bhutan were provided asylum by the US Government and settled in various parts of the US. Beyond learning to make a living in the US, Bhutanese now numbering nearly 80,000 have to adjust to the cold weather, uprooting of traditional familial and societal structures, cultural isolation, etiquettes, language, children’s education, family issues (marriage, birth, death, conflict resolution, etc.), women’s health, and an insurmountable aspect for the poor in the US - transportation. Sewa International has been working to settle the refugees down from from California to New York, from Chicago to Houston and has reached 48,000 refugees through its service.

Though many of the refugees are educated and can speak English, many of them have remained unemployed. And because agency support and government aid is not available to them for an extended period of time, the assistance of Sewa International is quickly becoming a lifeline for many of these families. Current programs of Sewa to empower the Bhutanese immigrants include education and tuition services, leadership programs for the youth, women empowerment, job assistance and emergency distress assistance.

Sewa International is providing:

Sewa International has taken up a nationwide project to help these Bhutanese families. Currently, our chapters in various cities, along with various local organizations, are working to fulfill the immediate and longer-term needs of these refugees with several more chapters gearing up to help. Sewa International is providing:

  • Financial help
  • Essential materials such as blankets, winter jackets, clothes, toys etc.
  • Employment assistance
    • Job search assistance
    • Sponsorship of vocational training
    • Job fairs
  • Mobility
    • Help in acquiring driver licenses
    • Sponsoring or donating used cars
  • Help in transitioning to a new environment while preserving their culture
    • Help in conducting cultural events
    • Mentoring and friendship
    • Rides to their preferred places of worship

Bhutanese Empowerment Projects

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