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Mangala Nidhi

Celebrate With Sewa (Sewa Circle Of Care - Mangala Nidhi Program)

Are you celebrating a family event of your loved one(s)?
Would you like the celebrations to benefit a charitable cause?
Would you like to share the joy of your celebration with communities in need?

“Mangala Nidhi” roughly translates to “auspicious welfare” in Sanskrit. It is a great way to involve your family and friends in financially contributing to our organization’s work during your family events. It is inspired by the Hindu ethos of sharing our life’s joyous and auspicious moments with society, and a practical medium to channel our personal and family happiness towards community and social responsibility.

 Register for Mangala Nidhi

We invite you to participate in “Mangala Nidhi” - a quick, easy and meaningful way to raise money to support Sewa International’s service projects worldwide during your family functions such as birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, farewell parties, retirement parties and bereavements.



How to Participate?

Just add a note in your event invitation requesting donations to Sewa International in lieu of gifts. And mail in the received donations to our national office after your function. It’s that simple!

Examples of Projects that your celebration could benefit

  • Samuhik Vivaha (group wedding) sponsorship for poor girls
  • Kids birthday at Orphanage (Mathru Chaya project)
  • Eye camps
  • … and many more
We encourage our supporters to take advantage of this service opportunity in your upcoming home functions and family events!

What event host should do?

  • Create a fundraising page for your celebration event at (optional)
  • Add a footnote in your invitation (paper or email or evite) that requests guests to donate to Sewa International instead of bringing gifts. See below for examples:
– In lieu of gifts, charitable donations to Sewa International will be gratefully accepted (check or online at
– We ask that guests not bring any gifts. We will be glad to accept a donation to Sewa International to benefit service projects in India, USA and around the world.
– We request your presence and blessings only. If you do wish to give, a donation to Sewa International would be greatly appreciated  (check or online at
– Please NO gifts. Charitable donations to Sewa International would be gratefully accepted in lieu of gifts (check or online at
  • During the event: You may make a brief announcement introducing Sewa to your guests and thanking them for contributing to the organization and how it will impact the community.
  • After the event:
  • Collect all the checks that you received.
  • If you receive cash, please retain the cash and write a combined check for the total amount. However, please do make a note of the names, email addresses and amounts of each cash donor.
  • Send an email to office[at]sewausa{dot}org with the following information:
– Name of family member and event that was celebrated.
– Names, email addresses and amounts of each donor.
– This step is required in order for us to acknowledge and send receipts.
  • Please mail the checks to the address on this web page ASAP at:
  • Send a thank you note to all your guests. You may wish to mention the total amount raised and what cause it will benefit.
What guest/donor should do?
Write a check made out to Sewa International; write your name and email address on the envelope and give to host or relevant family member at the event. Cash is also OK. If unable to attend, they can donate online at (mention the name of host and event in the comments section).

What will Sewa International do?

  • Send a note of congratulations and good wishes to the host, and thank them for their gesture in supporting Sewa International on their family occasion. The note will mention the occasion and family member(s) to which it is dedicated.
  • Email receipts to all donors whose email addresses were provided by host.
  • Designate the collected donations to the project or area selected by the donor (if possible).
Sewa International is 501(C)(3) Hindu faith-based nonprofit charitable organization active in a variety of areas including health-care, education, refugee support, women empowerment, disaster relief, child & tribal welfare. All donations will benefit vital service programs and projects in India, USA and other countries.

Your contribution will help us to serve more people in need.



  • Easily fundraise for your favourite cause with little time and effort.
  • Saves time and stress for your invitees. Writing a check to Sewa International is quicker and easier than purchasing a gift online or in-store.
  • You do not receive gifts that you don’t use or have room for.
  • Green alternative! Saves miles and fuel required to drive to the store in order to purchase a gift.
  • Provide an opportunity for your friends and family to participate in the Sewa movement and incur good karma.
  • Inculcates the Hindu values of kindness, generosity and selfless service in your children and the community.
  • All donors will receive a thank you note and receipt.
  • Sewa International is a 501 (c)(3) Hindu faith-based nonprofit charitable organzation. All donations are tax deductible..
  • Great conversation-starter and opportunity to publicize your favorite charity among your relatives and friends.
  • Your gesture could have a lasting impact on your invitees, and encourage them to do the same during their events


  • You may also add your own donation in your loved one's name to commemorate the occasion.
  • You may specify a cause, region or project that these donations will benefit (such as India, Bhutanese Refugee Empowerment, Disaster Relief, etc).
  • You may consider purchasing a gift or two for your child or loved one to avoid disappointment.
  • Please encourage out-of-town guests to donate online at: OR at the fundraising page that you created
  • For weddings and other events held in India, guests may make a donation in Indian rupees to Sewa International as well. Please mail all INR checks to Sewa International, 49 Deendayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi – 110002. Or donate online at

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