Sos Tutoring On 3/1/17

29 Nov 2017 11:02 AM | Anonymous

We had a lot of volunteers at SOS. Thanks a tonne to all those who volunteered. Here are a few pictures and videos.

Neil and Anshu did a wonderful job working with Mya. Mya is a very smart girl but loses focus quickly and then pretends that she can't read... she needs a volunteer who can skillfully work with her and make her read and count.  


 My favorite student Mya with her dad Rob. 

Mona Khosla and Alisha Khosla did a wonderful job teaching Harmonie and Christopher.  Harmonie and Christopher are one of the brightest kids I have seen ever... all they are looking for is a bit of a helping hand.  

 Priya Bansal did amazing job  teaching how to do programming. This is her 3rd straight week of volunteering at SOS.  


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