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Partners Endorsements

Andhra People of Central Ohio ( APCO )

Sewa International's services to the needy people in the current covid-19 pandemic crisis are commendable. APCO is very much interested in collaborating with Sewa USA and help the organization for the best interests of the needy people. We believe that together we can serve the society better as you already laid out the foundation for this process and we are looking forward to assisting you in whatever way we can.

Arsha Vidya Pitham

Happy to join this great work.

Art of Living Foundation

We congratulate Sewa international for the wonderful service initiatives they have been doing and lend our support to them in this hour of need

Arsha Vignana Parishath USA Inc.

"As a Vedic organization, we believe in "Maanava Seevaye Maadhava Seva". We believe that Sewa International has a greatest reputation in Seva activities. Our organization has full confidence on the its mission and hence we are sharing the vision with Sewa International. We ready to serve the society together!"

Framework For Future

Framework For Future is delighted to partner with Sewa International to serve the community, especially minorities and immigrants impacted by Covid19.

Hindu American Foundation

Hindu wisdom teaches us to give with faith and sensitivity, with a feeling of abundance, and with right understanding. Today, as the world faces a pandemic like no other, thousands of Hindu Americans are heeding this ancient call. They're giving their resources, their time, their skills, and their helping hands to support the efforts led by Sewa International to serve those in need. We are humbled to be amongst them.

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh

We are all in it together.

Hindu SwayamSevak Sangh (HSS, USA)

We stand with SeWa international USA in these challenging times to fight the invisible enemy.


We stand united with Sewa International in this great humanitarian effort that will save thousands of lives.

Kind Karma Foundation

We would love to help out SEWA in this nobel cause.

Lipp Studios

Sewa International is providing meaningful and critical support for people experiencing adversity.

Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area

MMBA will collaborate with Sewa International to help our community to address the challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic.


"Covid-19 has brought immense pain and suffering to humankind and it requires substantial relief efforts to mitigate that. Ohmkaram is extremely proud to partner with Sewa International, who with its massive volunteer network has been providing humanitarian relief in various parts of the world, in this fight against the global pandemic."
Thanks, Sunil Krishnan

Sardar Patel Foundation of North America

Any positive activity benefited to Indian origin community we support.

Thanks for giving the opportunity to work towards the good cause. Together we can.

Samskrita Bharati

I really appreciate the commitment and the pledge that Sewa International is taking and asking volunteers to take and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Samskrita Bharati is committed to same goals and we are partner with you in making the world a safer and better place. Thank you

Samskrita Bharati

We (Samskrita Bharati) support the Sankalpa initiative by Sewa International in an attempt to bring the collective efforts of dharmic non-profit organizations to confront the Covid-19 pandemic.

Samskrita Bharati USA

Sewa International has been doing yeomen service to humanity for several years. Its army of selfless volunteers have contributed time, money and other help during floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters. During peace times, Sewa serves the down trodden, and the vulnerable sections of the society with dedication and single minded devotion. Samskrita Bharati endorses Sewa with admiration, expresses its solidarity, and participates in its efforts to combat the spread of the Corona virus endemic. Please support Sewa in whatever way you can during these difficult times. मा कश्चिद् दुःखभाग् भवेत्॥ नटेशः॥

Shirdi Sai Temple Of Charlotte

We will serve together to help society.

Shiv Durga Temple Of Bay Area

We fully support your efforts. Please let us know how we can assist. Keep up the good work.

Shiva Durga Temple

We live in one Family

Shubham Foundation

COVID-19 is causing serious issues to entire human race and it is upon us to work together in resolving the present crisis and work with organizations like Sewa International in helping those who are suffering due to COVID-19

Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir, India Heritage Foundation

Good wishes for this excellent initiative by Sewa team.

Surya Teja Arts

We are committed to help with social causes and global community welfare.

Seattle SKY Society

Seattle SKY Society supports the efforts of Sewa International to Serve the Community when the community is dealing with unprecendent times due to Coronovirus impact.

Sri Siddheswari Seva Inc.

We at Sri Siddheswari Seva, commend Sewa International for their relief efforts in response to Covid 19 pandemic. We also applaud their call of action - Sankalpa Patra

Sanatan Dharma Temple and Cultural Center

We always trust and support Sewa International USA

24Gam Chicago

"Happy to join hands with Sewa International for coordinated effort to fight unprecedented situation."

Voice of Planet

Very happy and proud to be partnering with Sewa

Vedanta Society of Southern California

We support the seva sankalpa to join together in fighting covid-19 in whatever capacity we can.

Vishnu Vidya Foundation

Vishnu Vidya Foundation, pledges to partner with Sewa International's Sankalp program to help community in overcoming challenges and difficulties due to Corona pandemic. Sewa Sankalp will provide help-line, confidence building, correct information, and physical and emotional health assistance where necessary.

Voice of Specially Abled People Inc

Looking forward to collaborate for expanding our impact to serve Persons with Disabilities whom we call "Specilaly Abled People" i.e. "Divyang". During COVID-19, we have a program going to to provide grocery of 1 month (5 items) and PPE (4 items) to Divyangjan in India. We appeal all to join support most vulnerable, ignored population of our society as part of selfless service.

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