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Urgent: Sikkim Flash Flood Relief Fund


A devastating cloudburst in Sikkim has unleashed havoc. At least 53 people, including 7 soldiers, have lost their lives, and roads are washed away, buildings lie in ruins, and vital infrastructure stands destroyed. Sikkim urgently needs your help.

Our Mission:

Join us to save lives and rebuild communities. Your donation can provide food, clean water, shelter, and medical aid to those in desperate need. We're on a mission to offer immediate relief and support the recovery of families who've lost everything.

Be a Beacon of Hope:

Your contribution becomes a beacon of hope for those facing this crisis. Funds will directly aid procurement, distribution of essential supplies, medical assistance, and infrastructure reconstruction. Every rupee counts.

Act Now:

Stand in solidarity with Sikkim. Your donation supports rescue and recovery, helping communities rebuild their lives. Together, we create lasting impact in the face of adversity.

Donate Today:

Make a life-saving difference. Join us in supporting victims of deadly floods. Your contribution matters.

Spread the Word:

Share this urgent appeal with fellow NRI in the USA. Together, we can make a powerful impact. Sewa International USA is leading the way.

Goal: $50,000.00
Collected: $9,241.00


Spread the Word

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