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Turkey and Syria Earthquake Disaster Relief

Parth Mehta and Raghav Garimella are two sophomores at Evergreen Valley High School, who have a passion for environmental preservation. Recently, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on February 6th, and another of 5.2 magnitudes on February 25th. Some of the most disastrous earthquakes in recent history, the Turkey-Syria earthquake crisis left many families distraught, destroying homes and taking the lives of over 40,000 people.

Want to join Parth and Raghav in raising money for the needy in Turkey and Syria? Our mission is to help those suffering in Turkey and Syria, and any donation will help make an impact. With the donations, we will be able to send kits and blankets to those stuck in the rubble and those recovering from these devastating earthquakes. Many have been displaced from their homes and have lost their families, with millions already in need of humanitarian aid. The great amounts of destruction caused by these earthquakes, for both nations, most definitely warrants a great amount of our attention. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause which means so much to us.

How Can You Support?

  1. Donate generously: No donation is too small! Most companies match or double the contributions! Please check your company's Matching Gift program.

  2. Sewa is a registered non-profit under IRS 501[c][3] in the US.

  3. Spread the word: Let us collectively help these communities in need.

Goal: $2,500.00
Collected: $2,405.00


Parth Mehta

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