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Sewa International LEAD 2023 - Greater LA Chapter Registration


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Sewa International LEAD 2023 - Greater LA Chapter Registration

Youth Engagement Program for High School Students

General Eligibility: High School Students including rising freshman (8th grade students going to 9th grade in the Fall of 2023). Students should be sincere in their commitment to the values of Sewa with integrity and discipline.

Selection Criteria: Open to all nationalities, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Type of Program

Local Sewa Events : An opportunity to students to serve local community periodically during the year starting March 2023 like Food Bank/ Food Pantry, Beach Clean-up and Tree planting or maintenance etc. 

Design-To-LEAD : Use the principles of design thinking to solve society's problems. This program is led by a Stanford University Professor. Intensive program requiring a commitment of  weekly 4 hours for 6-8 months. Program starts from 12th Feb.

Registration Fee: $50.00*

Program Objectives:

  • Expose the youth to socially conscious leadership in the community
  • Experience the joy of giving by getting involved in the community service projects
  • Develop a strong sense of inspiration and motivation as they venture into the world

As part of the LEAD program series, young adults are given opportunities to participate or lead in different activities. 

* Fee waiver for Students if their Parent volunteers for SEWA activities during the year.

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