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Albums: Garden of Joy, Socha, Columbia

Garden of Joy - Socha, Columbia

        Sewa International has set up the Garden of Joy in the town of Socha, Columbia. This acts as a "Saturday-school" for the under privileged kids aged 3 - 12, where they play games and engage in team-building exercises. They do art and build their creative sides too. Scholarships are granted to some of the children to help them advance to higher education beyond their circumstances. 

All of this is meant to keep the children in good company, because Socha is not a very happy place right now: drugs and gang violence are an ongoing issue. The Garden of Joy also accepts young Venezuelan refugees that have faced very harsh circumstances, both in Venezuela and in Socha.

Sewa's North Jersey chapter is running a similar project in Tunja, Columbia and is working on opening a third school in Columbia shortly.

With your support, Sewa can continue and improve its support for the children of Socha, Tunja and more.

Help make a difference for bright young minds trapped in poor circumstances and look forward to a better life! 

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Update: March 10, 2019

Bathroom construction completed at Garden of Joy!

"The real satisfaction of sewa work is when you see the smiles on their faces and being part of a change, however small or big it is.." - Vijay M

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