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Project details:

Building a school in Namsai and a hostel in Gharmura is estimated to cost $142,000. We have committed to donate $71,000 as a 1-1 match challenge. This way every $ you donate will have double the impact! If your company matches donations, every $1 you donate becomes $4 for this campaign since we will match the company match as well. Your donation will help construct a school of size approximately 3,726 sq ft which includes 4 class rooms. The construction will be done such that 2 additional floors can be constructed in the coming years.The hostel will accomodate 30 students. 


Northeast India has largely been ignored by successive governments in India. This has resulted in poor to non-existent infrastructure. This shoddy state of affairs is particularly visible in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Namsai region in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, is populated by several tribes like Singpho, Adi, Galo. There is considerable poverty in these tribes. Even after 70+ years of India being independent, this area is backward and hasnt developed at all. In addition, Buddhist refugees of the Chakma tribe and Hindu refugees of Hajong tribe live in this area. These refugees had to flee Bangladesh [Chittagong Hill Tracts] due to religious persecution, and have since settled in the Namsai region of Arunachal Pradesh. The condition of refugees is worse than that of the tribes. There are similarly backward tribes and refugees in the state of Assam in Gharmura in the Hailakandi region.The tribal communities and the refugees are in desperate need of basic facilities. This initiative will help construct a school that will provide quality education to children from these deprived and Below Poverty Line communities. This initiative will also help build a hostel for children. Education will help the children become self sufficient and provide for their families when they grow up, breaking the cruel cycle of poverty. 

Why Sewa?

  • Sewa has experience working with these communities in the Northeast
  • Sewa's expense ratio is only 7% which is very low when compared to most other charities
  • Sewa does not discriminate against beneficiaries based on religion, tribe, language, caste etc

Given these considerations, we decided to rely on Sewa to drive this project. We can all donate money and rest assured that Sewa will track progress, deal with all the paperwork and make sure the construction gets done in a timely manner. 

Sachin Kulkarni

Social Worker

Prominent Donors

About Us

Neha and I [Sachin] are software engineers working in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. We have been fortunate to grow up in middle class families in one of the most developed regions of India - Pune, Maharashtra. We cannot even imagine how differently life would have turned out for us, if we were born in a backward and severely underdeveloped area like Northeast India. We consider it to be an obligation to support underprivileged kids. We strongly believe kids in the Northeast should get basic facilities like schools, so they can live up to their true potential. We are passionate about doing our part in making it happen.

How Can You Help?

  1. Donate generously: We have committed to provide 100% match. Every $ you donate will double!
    No donation is too small. For donors from USA, Sewa is a registered non-profit under IRS 501[c][3] in the US.
  2. Spread the word:
    Let us collectively help these communities in need.
Goal: $142,000.00
Collected: $14,477.00

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