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What is "Know Your SELF"?​
  • Know your SELF is a program designed by Sewa International to promote holistic health among the community it serves. SELF is an acronym S = Sleep; E = Exercise; L = Living in the Present; F = Food or Diet.​
  • This is a program that has been designed using the behavioral psychology to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle involving four pillars of healthy living as described above. This program has a mentor who guides and nudges the member who joins to motivate him or her to work out regularly; brings the group of members to do an activity together during weekends. Mentor and Coaches also provides guidance through several webinars and educational sessions regarding sleep, diet, spirituality, focusing in the present etc.​
Does it Cost me Anything to Join?​
It is a program that is designed to be free. Members are free to donate to Sewa International as it depends on the generosity of members such as you. Sewa International is a 4 Star rated non-profit organization as per Charity Navigator.
How do I join?​
Please click on the link to follow the instructions. < Need to post the link for google doc form here> Once your information is received, we will send you further instructions.​
How long is this program?​
  1. This program is designed to run 3 months from the start date. People who enroll, their health parameters will be tracked on a weekly basis. Improvements will be measured and documented and conveyed to the members. ​
  2. Programs start every quarter etc. All the start dates will be posted on our website and promoted via social media.​
What If I want to join after the program start date?​
You are always welcome to join the program. However we might not be able to track the health parameters.​
How do you track the work outs?​
We use Training Peaks program. It is a technology platform that has been widely used in the endurance sports industry to track their daily workouts and to communicate with the coach. You open an account at or your mentor will send you a link. You open the basic account. This allows you to record your work outs directly into the app. You may also use a smart watch (Fitbit, Apple watch, or Garmin watch) or smart phone to record your work outs and upload it to the TP program. Your mentor will then have access to the work outs you have done.​
Do I have to pay for Training Peaks?​
Training peaks is a program one can access over the web/ iPhone/Android devices. They have basic and premium package. Basic package is free for the members. Premium is $20/month. We encourage you to open the basic package. Premium package allows you to communicate through the app to your mentor. ​​
What are the kind of activities do you intend to do?​
This program is designed to meet the activity level and your chosen activity. Though it is recommended to do 3 different kind of activities in a week to keep the interest levels up and monotony down. It also helps to prevent injuries. FDA recommend that an adult participate for 150 minutes of moderate level of physical activity. Your mentor might guide you into doing walking, running, biking, hiking, swimming, strength training (body weight), yoga etc. ​
What does a typical workout in a week look like?​
A typical workout might have strength, bike, run/walk, yoga etc with weekend group bike or group hike​ ​

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