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What is the oxygen concentrator for India campaign? What is Sewa trying to do?
Portable Oxygen delivery to home bound or COVID recovering patients has been identified as a priority in disease hit India across all segments of the population since late April, 2021. One solution is Oxygen Concentrators that filters regular air to produce purer oxygen. Other emergency medical equipment such as BIPAP/CPAP machines, PPE’s, Oxygen cylinders, and sundry items such as disposable humidifier bottles and disposable Nasal Cannula, is also needed including drugs such as Remdesivir, Dexamethasone etc. Sewa in the USA is procuring such items and shipping it with partners such as UPS, Air India, and even commercial cargo airlines. Sewa volunteers in India are running helplines and awareness campaigns to reduce hospitalization. In addition to the logistics across 25 cities and 6 metros, Sewa has established isolation and recovery centers that extends bed capacity.
Why did Sewa International launch this campaign now?
As a Hindu faith-based nonprofit, Sewa in the US has as one of its guiding principle the Hindu benediction: “Sarve bhavantu sukinaha, Sarve santu niramayaha” (May all be happy, may all be free from illness). It is our duty during this serious COVID-19 crisis in India to save as many lives as possible. We continue to serve people without discrimination with no expectations across race, religion, gender, sex or sexual orientation.
What is Sewa’s experience in ‘Disaster Recovery’?
Disaster Recovery is in the DNA of Sewa International since its inception in 2003. We have participated in 32 major disaster recovery projects in US (Hurricanes Katrina to Harvey, California Wildfire, COVID-19 in 2020 & 21, etc.), and India (Kerala Floods, Leh, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu etc.). Sewa has had and continues to run projects in Colombia, Haiti, Iraq (Yazidis), Japan, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.
What is the big picture behind this campaign? What is your goal for the campaign?
Sewa is committed to serving the needy in the ‘Help India beat COVID-19’ campaign. We are providing much needed oxygen concentrators & Cylinders, BiPAP, Ventilators, and emergency medical supplies including PPE and hard to find drugs, to public and charity hospitals, needy families. We are also providing groceries and cooked food to senior citizen homes and orphanages in India. Emergency supplies procured in the US and internationally will be shipped in India, were our partner organization in India work with local health officials, administrators, and community leaders to distribute these supplies where they are urgently needed. Helping India now would be in the best interest of the world as no one in the world safe until all of us are safe.
What has Sewa done during the pandemic to help American families in need?
Sewa has organized COVID-19 relief activities in the US since April 2020 and has served over 750,000 people, in over 200 American cities in 30 states. Sewa working through an army of volunteers raised funds from the community, procured and distributed 700,000 N-95 and surgical masks to frontline health and emergency workers (EMT, firefighters, police, and healthcare) when the country had an acute shortage of masks. They served freshly cooked food to frontline workers and senior citizens and donated more than $100,000 to local food banks. Sewa chapters donated groceries and money to homeless shelters and prepared and served hot meals there. A consortium of organizations across the US led by Sewa International, religious nonprofits from a spectrum of Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh faiths, and, Indian cultural and spiritual organizations, provided goods and services valued at over $50 million in the past twelve months. Sewa’s provided goods and services worth $15 million in this effort. Please see our “Dharma Report” for more information -- Dharma Report
When and where will Sewa post progress reports for the ‘Help India beat COVID-19’ campaign during this pandemic?
Sewa publishes its reports and updates frequently at two locations: Sewa Facebook page as well as the Sewa website on our work in India. Our progress is updated multiple times a week in the first 3 weeks and once a month for next 4 months.​ If this ‘rescue and relief’ phase drags on due to surges, such reporting frequency may increase.
What are the donated funds used for?
As of today, aid valued at $6 million that has already been dispensed for the ‘Help India beat COVID-19’ project that includes: (i) medical equipment and supplies (2,584 Oxygen concentrators, BiPAP/CPAP, Ventilators, PPE, etc.), (ii) drugs (Remdesivir, Dexamethasone, Heparin, insulin, etc.), (ii) Groceries, and cooked food to families in distress including migrant and gig workers stuck in cities, (iii) .
Who is doing the relief work in India?
Our partner organization Sewa International Bharat (SIB) with more than thousand volunteers and staff are implementing the project in India. SIB in turn works through various regional nonprofits of all denominations with thousands of volunteers on the ground.
Will the funds be used for specific states, locations or communities within India?
Funds will be used equitably across the country through our partner organizations’ network and prioritized based on where supplies are most needed via a National Distribution Committee. ​ We do not favor any state, location or community. Only the neediest are prioritized!
Can I request a specific location or hospital that my donations can be used towards?
Sorry, we are unable to serve targeted donations due to logistical challenges and limited bandwidth. ​ However, we will forward your request to the National Distribution Committee for consideration.
Beyond Oxygen Concentrators, what other services Sewa is providing?
Sewa is working in coordination with Indian Consulates and Embassies, to assist Governmental and non-governmental organizations in India to help set up makeshift COVID Quarantine and recovery centers in various cities and towns across India.
How do you account for funds spent?
Can you assure me that every penny spent will be accounted for, and the help should reach the needy without any bias? Sewa is audited by an independent private auditing firm using GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and has consistently published the audits reports without edits on its website for the last five years. All our IRS tax forms are published in this link as well as the Annual Reports for the last 12 years. Sewa International has for the last four years continuously scored the topmost 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, the world’s largest and the most utilized non-profit evaluator. In addition, Sewa has earned perfect scores in ‘Financial Health,’ and in ‘Accountability, and Transparency’ categories – one of the 11 organizations in the international category of over 23,000 organizations. Sewa International has been recognized by Charity Navigator – the premier nonprofit rating agency – as the number five among the “10 Highly Rated Charities Relying on Private Contributions in the US.”
Our regional non-profit wants to create a Sewa fundraiser. Can our organization partner with Sewa to donate in our state?
Sewa will support COVID-19 relief work across India and specifically states that have been reporting a very high number of coronavirus positive cases daily. You can create a Facebook fundraiser page supporting our cause which requires approval from the Sewa marketing team. If you would like to collect funds and mail a check to Sewa, please make your checks payable to “Sewa International, Inc, P.O. Box 820867 Houston TX 77282-0867".
We are medical equipment suppliers or oxygen concentrator vendors. How can we collaborate with Sewa to supply equipment and medicines at cost?
Please send us details of the equipment and other items you can supply and their cost. You can email us at A Sewa team member will contact you.
Does Facebook take any commission on these donations?
No, Facebook does not charge us to run these campaigns nor do they take any commission on our campaign.
I am not very comfortable donating using my credit card online. Can I send a check?
Yes, you can send a check. Please make checks payable to “Sewa International Inc”, and mail to -- Sewa International Inc, PO Box 820867, Houston TX 77282-0867
How can I create my personal fundraiser to help Sewa’s efforts?
You can create your own Facebook fundraiser. Please email or for information on how to do it and to get approval
Can we donate oxygen concentrators we have to Sewa to be shipped to India?
If you have a large quantity of oxygen concentrators (fifty or more), it would not be logistically possible for us to collect them and send them to India. Currently we are shipping our concentrators from Atlanta.
Can Sewa deliver the medicine, Remdesivir / Plasma /oxygen to the Patient in the hospital, as my family in India needs?
At this point Sewa cannot serve individual requests due to logistical reasons. But the Sewa Digital Helpdesk -- -- is providing live-updated information on bed availability, oxygen sources, medicine sources and other useful contacts across the country. Please visit --

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