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Sewa International, a Hindu faith-based nonprofit in the USA has served in over 25 disaster recovery situations in the USA and abroad. During this stressful time of COVID-19 pandemic, Sewa has created a Sewa Sankalpa campaign to bring together Dharma and Sewa (service) organizations in the USA to commit to a Sewa Sankalpa or Pledge for Service to care for your community members by providing necessary non-Medical COVID-19 support. In return, Sewa International pledges to work with your organization to build capacity working shoulder-to-shoulder for you to be able to be effective in providing this service.

Background: Why this initiative?

COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in unprecedented ways. The situation is dynamic. While long term consequences on societies, nations, and economies are sure to lead us to a new normal, in the short-term we are experiencing great disruption.Read More

Why Sewa Sankalpa, What is it?

Sewa International is reaching out to all Dharma and Sewa (service) community organizations in the US to pool ideas, collaborate and build confidence in our community, for which, we have created the Sewa Sankalpa campaignSewa Sankalpa’ is a pledge for service that your community organization will undertake to provide support to your community (see Box). Each community organization would release this ‘Sewa Sankalpa’ on its own and these organizations would be listed together on Sewa International website. Read More


About Sewa Sankalpa

About Sewa Sankalpa
Sewa Sankalpa brochure
Sankalpa Patra PDF 


Dedicated Sewa International Volunteers Keep the Spirit of Service Alive


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