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Blogs: Atlanta Chapter

  • 12 Mar 2019 6:10 PM | Atlanta Chapter (Administrator)

    Spin Masters Table Tennis Tournament 2019

    Sewa sports group conducted Spin Masters Table Tennis tournament 2019 on Saturday March 2nd 2019.

    The tournament was conducted as a fundraiser for Sewa’s Family services initiative.

    Inspite of being the first time the tournament got a very good response from Table Tennis enthusiasts of North Atlanta area. Over 65 participants participated in various tournament categories viz. Juniors under 14, Womens & Mens Singles and Mens Doubles.

    The audience enjoyed watching over 90 individual very competitive games during the event.

    The tournament attracted over 20 youth and adult volunteers all coming together to support this event for a noble cause.

    Sewa would like to thank

    - Archi’s Table Tennis Club who sponsored all the trophies given to the Winners and Runners-up players

    - Café Bahar for setting up food stalls and support sewa by donating a percentage of their earnings to Sewa for this noble cause.

    TV Asia provided a roundup of this event on March 10th and Sewa is thankful to TV Asia’s Ms. Anjali for the same.

    Sewa extends its gratitude to all the players, volunteers and sponsors for the enthusiastic participation in this event.

    The tournament was earlier inaugurated by Mr. Vikas Arora in a customary way. Mr, Yogesh (Tournament coordinator) welcomed all the participants to the tournament and performed Ganesh Vandana. It was followed by an address by the chief guest of the event Vikas ji who provided insight into Sewa International’s community services in Metro Atlanta and world in general. Mr. Vijai shared his vision as sports coordinator of Atlanta chapter. This was followed by Mr. Mandar (Tournament co-coordinator) providing the details on structure of the tournament.

    Below is the list of Winners and Runners-up in each category:

    U14 Singles:

    Winner – Romir Das

    Runners-up – Shourya Tutukuri

    Womens Singles:

    Winner – Madhavi Perumpalath

    Runners-up – Monika Tarwala

    Mens Singles:

    Winner – Parag Marathe

    Runners-up – Sandeep Sapra

    Mens Doubles:

    Winner – Parag Marathe / Sanjay Ponkshe

    Runners-up – Amit Deshpande / Navin Kare

    List of Volunteers

    Adult Volunteers – Mandar Bhome / Yogesh Borkar / Prakash Srivastava / Shraddha Satgare / Nate Natesan / Suresh Vaishya / Anand Varadarajan / Anshuman Mishra / Chandan Bhome / Ashesh Sharma

    Youth Volunteer – Sohum Satghare / Kavya Enaganti / Saketh Koona / Siddharth Devabhaktuni / Rahul Adulapuram / Anagesh Nuguru / Karthik Enaganti / Anuraag Nallapu / Prajin Dhumal / Pramit Dhumal

    Apart from that there were many impromptu volunteers who helped with conduct of the games on the day.

    Link to Photos

  • 5 Mar 2019 1:07 PM | Atlanta Chapter (Administrator)

    Namaste all,

    Sewa International, Atlanta Chapter has been working with Cumming Elementary School for approximately 10 months now. We started our partnership over the summer when volunteers Manika ji Singh, Divyaraj ji Singh, Bharat Singh, Amod ji Sureka, Raj Sureka, Jay Sureka, Swadesh ji Katoch joined special education teacher Mrs. Anna Doll in making an outdoor community vegetable garden for all the students of the school. It is estimated that more than 13 million children live in food insecure homes. Growing food in community and home gardens can provide people with more access to fresh vegetables. The school’s community garden teaches the children one way that they can have easy access to inexpensive, fresh, healthy food.

    Since September of 2018, every second and fourth Saturday 15-25 Sewa volunteers spend three hours of their morning with first and second grade students from this same elementary school. They read together, students write in their journals, and they do math problems. The high school students are also exposing these elementary school students to STEM experiments and projects and encourage physical activity thru yoga and soccer. The children are offered a healthy snack before going home. In February, the students had a special guest, a dietician from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, attend the Saturday morning tutoring program and talk to them about healthy habits. They learned about the sugar content in soda, Gatorade, juice and water and understood why water is the best drink for their body. They learned the importance of making half their plate fruits and vegetables and why they should stay active and limit screen time.

    In line with this goal of exposing students to healthy habits, Mrs. Anna Doll keeps an indoor garden along with the outdoor vegetable garden. Sewa volunteers Siya Katoch, Abhinay Sharma, Nithin Reddy and Abhishek Pasupuleti spent the last tutoring session working with Mrs. Doll on a green house project which she leads for the school. The 4 volunteers had taken out all the old lights and put new LED lights together and put them on the frame.

    Mrs. Doll is very appreciative of all that the Sewa volunteers have done for Cumming Elementary School, whether it be tutoring and direct involvement with the first and second grade students, or indirectly helping the students by supporting the outdoor garden and indoor greenhouse. She was told by Sewa volunteer Abhinay Sharma, “Just ask Sewa and you’ll have dozens of people to help!”

    A Big AUM to all the volunteers!

  • 20 Feb 2019 12:48 PM | Atlanta Chapter (Administrator)

    Sewa Badminton Tournament 2019

    Sewa sports group has conducted for the very first time “Shuttle Masters” Badminton Tournament 2019 in association with Atlanta Badminton Club on the day of Basant i.e., Feb 9 and 10 at Suwanee. The beneficiary of the tournament was “Sewa Family Emergency Services”. 

    The tournament had 24 different event categories catering to people from all ages, skill level. It attracted ~100 players participating in multiple events spread over 2 days. The audience and the players got to watch more than 225 matches over 16 hours. A highly competitive set of people but all getting together for a noble cause.

    This event also attracted more than 25 volunteers who worked tirelessly and selflessly before 2 months of the event and until the culmination.

    Café Bahar chose to support Sewa as a sponsor setting up stalls and donating the profits as a charity

    Sewa extends their gratitude to all players, volunteers and sponsors.

    The tournament was earlier inaugurated by Mr Swadesh in a customary way. Ganesh Vandana was chanted by Ms Deepa. It was followed by opening address by the chief guest of the event - Swadesh ji, who informed the audience about how Sewa international serves the communities in Metro Atlanta area and the world in general and how everyone can get involved. It was thoughtful and motivating, Mr Vijai shared his vision as sports coordinator of Atlanta chapter, followed by Mr Ashesh ( tournament co-ordinator and Mr Anshuman ( Tournament Director) sharing how through the tournament we are trying to involve more people in the community to help participate in this noble cause

    Below are the list of winners and runners in each category.

    U10 Singles Unisex – Vigneswar Vadivelan / Michele Rajkumar

    U10 Doubles Unisex – Michele Rajkumar & Sana Taware / Aaran Mishra & Sarvagya Sharma

    U13 Doubles – Mithun Gopinath & Ahwan Mishra / Vishwa Rajan & Diyaa Sarath

    XD Open – Sarath Govindaraj & Upasana K / Yue Jingna & Gopinath Kannaiyan

    WD Open – Tejasvi Penmetsa & Ranjitha Yendluri / Shilpa D & Latha N

    MD Beginners – Raj Kosaraju & Vinay Shivaya / Sanjib Banerjee & Nandy Nachiketa

    MD Amateur – Gopinath Kannaiyan & Vinh Nguyen / Sarath Govindaraj  & Praveen Chand

    U13 Unisex Singles – Mithun Gopinath / Vishwa Rajan

    Beginners Unisex Singles – Upasana K / Sanjib Banerjee

    U17 Unisex Singles – Mathew Sujanto / Sharvi Sharma

    WS Open – Avadhani Vasudha / Rekha Jumani

    MS Amateur – Prasanna K / Navjot Singh

    MS 40 - Praveen Chand / Raj Kumar


    Adult Volunteers - Ashesh Sharma / Anshuman Mishra / Prakash Srivastava / Deepa Sharma / Rajiv Goel / Srikanth K / Mithun Gopinath / Ahwan Mishra / Upasana Kotakonda / Sharvi Sharma / Mathew Sujanto / Daniel Laij

    Youth Volunteers -  Saketh Koona / Rahul Adulapuram / Siddharth Deva / Krish Mishra / Varnika Sharma / Subhangi Sharma / Shreya Tiwari / Srija Chitti

  • 20 Jan 2019 6:26 PM | Atlanta Chapter (Administrator)

    Our community had planned to distribute 5000 blankets this winter. Various individuals and organizations including Federation of Indian-American Associations of Georgia are contributing towards it. Sewa International USA - Atlanta has raised around $2,500 towards this. Today morning this as part of Blankets Drive, Sewa International USA - Atlanta volunteers went ahead and donated 35 blankets to Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children's Shelter . They were very appreciative of the work and thank you all for donations. In the picture (from L to R Ramesh Rapelly, Viswanath Koppaka & Maureen Kornow, Executive Director of Home for Hope.)

  • 12 Jan 2019 8:40 PM | Atlanta Chapter (Administrator)

    Today Jan 12th, HSS (HINDU SWAYAMSEVAK SANGH) in partnership with Sewa International, is starting its 12th annual "Yoga for Health, Health for humanity" or Surya Namaskar Yajna. The 16 day event aims to create awareness about yoga and its advantages in achieving a healthy body, mind and soul.

    Let’s commit to do at least one set Surya Namaskar daily and stay healthy. Please also encourage friends and family members. One set will not take more than 10 min. Please contact us if if you need any additional information

    Details on the SNY app

    Tip to use the app:

    You have to click menu item at the top right corner of the page to toggle between navigation page and main page

    Use the + icon on members page to add family members

    Use + icon on suryanamaskars count page to select a family member and enter counts

  • 6 Jan 2019 9:13 AM | Atlanta Chapter (Administrator)

    Sewa International, which is a Hindu faith-based, humanitarian, nonprofit service organization with it's mission of serving humanity in distress, aiding local communities and promoting volunteerism, conducted it's 6th quarterly Road Clean up project in Cumming, GA.

    Since September 2017, under the Forsyth county program "Keep Forsyth County Beautiful", Sewa International Atlanta team, has adopted Majors Road in Cumming city for a quarterly Clean up (Picking Trash from the Road Side) with a goal of community service and keeping our surroundings clean.

    A project, which was initially carried out as part of the annual Sewa Day activity has now become a quarterly activity where a dedicated team of volunteers help the county in keeping it's roads safe and clean under the program Keep Forsyth County Beautiful".

    This initiative also encouraged our Sewa Volunteers in Cobb county to adopt a road and join hands with local county officials for a neat and clean Georgia.

    Be a Volunteer, Be a Sewa International Volunteer.

  • 6 Jan 2019 8:33 AM | Atlanta Chapter (Administrator)

    Our community had planned to distribute 5000 blankets this winter. Various individuals and organizations including FIA GAare contributing towards it. Sewa International has raised around $2,500 towards this.

    Saturday morning (Yesterday), as part of Blankets Drive, Sewa international volunteers went ahead and donated blankets to Forsyth Family Safe Heaven and Forsyth Juvenile detention center some blankets. They were very appreciative of the work and thank you all for donations


  • 5 Jan 2019 6:45 AM | Atlanta Chapter (Administrator)


    Sewa International Atlanta chapter has raised $165,035.47 in 2018. This includes 30,587 for Kerala Floods.

    A very BIG Aum to all the volunteers who worked to accomplish this.

  • 26 Dec 2018 8:55 AM | Atlanta Chapter (Administrator)

    Sewa Sports 2018


    Sponsored by Sekhars Realty

    Volunteer Coordinators – Arun Athireyan, Vijay Vaghela, Neetu Singh

    Beneficiary – Kerala Floods

    Conducted during August and September at Atlanta Cricket Fields.

    14 mens teams participated - Winner “Legends”, Runners up “Syrian Willow Raiders”

    4 womens teams participated – Winner “Fire Birds”, Runners up “Crickootam”


    Volunteer Coordinators – Pratima Vital, Sonali Sanap

    Beneficiary – Kerala Floods

    Conducted during October and November at Fowler park.

    4 mens doubles team participated – Winner “Shobhit Pantri and Ashihsh Thakur”

    4 mens singles team participated – Winner “Sajjayan Narayandhas”

    4 boys singles team participated – Winner “Surya Ganjikunta”, Runners up “Aashray Arun”


    Volunteer Coordinators – Manoj Sharma, Deepa Sharma, Manika Singh

    Beneficiary – Family Emergency Services

    Conducted during November at Atlanta Extreme Volleyball Club

    4 mends team participated – Winner “Punjab”, Runners up “Fieldgate Stone”

  • 21 Dec 2018 12:38 PM | Atlanta Chapter (Administrator)

    Please welcome advisory board members for Atlanta Chapter

    1) Dr. Prasad Garimella

    2) Pramod Sajja

    3) Srikanth Gundavarapu

    Joint Co-ordinators

    1) Chitra Koti

    2) Suresh Vaishya

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