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01Aug, 17

South Bay Lead students conduct a technology workshop for the senior citizens of Carlton Senior Living in San Jose to help the elderly community use modern technology.

20Aug, 17

"Pancharatna Samarpanam" - a Musical and Dance tribute to the Sangita Sarvabhauma St. Tyagaraja : St. Tyagaraja (1767 AD to 1847 AD) is one of the principal composers in Carnatic Trinity. Carnatic music team is lead by Mrs.Vaaruni Ravinder and Bharathanatyam team is lead by Mrs. Seema Viswanath and they will be performing the rare choreographies of Guru.Smt. Nandini Eswer, Mysore.

26Aug, 17

Sewa Chicago in collaboration with Indian Circle for Caring USA Inc., (ICC) is conducting a Five Wishes Seminar

16Sep, 17

Join us for Sewa International's grand annual fundraiser featuring five premier San Diego Dance Studios! Proceeds benefit humanitarian service projects in India and USA.

05Nov, 17

Celebrating rich Indian tradition of dance, art and music